As the Official non-profit organization supporting Americas Lakes and Waterways, the Corps Foundation recognizes that many organizations and the private sector have important roles to play in sustaining these lakes and waterways for future generations. We engage with these organizations in a variety of ways that not only contribute to our stewardship mission, but also provide sales, marketing and/or promotional value to the partners. In today’s tight financial environment, partnering helps to pool scarce resources, resolve common problems, and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

The following public-private partnerships are examples of the many ways the Corps Foundation partners to leverage limited funds and human resources.

  • The Corps Foundation partnered with the Friends of Barren River Lake for the development of a website to support the volunteer program and all of the Friends activities at Barren River Lake, KY. Friends of Barren River Lake is actively involved in water safety initiatives and promoting environmental stewardship by supporting restoration, preservation and protection of the local natural and cultural resources.
  • The Corps Foundation helped to find sponsors to fund Niobrara High School student’s attendance to the 21st Annual National Service-Learning Conference in San Jose, California. The class was awarded the Most Outstanding Project by the National Youth Leadership Council for their work in controlling Purple Loosestrife along the Missouri River near Niobrara, Nebraska.
  • The Corps Foundation sought partners and grant funding to acquire sufficient funds to complete design and initiate construction of an expansion to the Caesar Creek (Ohio) Visitor Center serving 80,000 visitors annually.
  • The Corps Foundation sponsored grant writing classes to approximately 100 students. During this time of fiscal austerity, leveraging resources among cooperating partners helps make Corps projects and communities great places to live, work and play. The Foundation has been able to influence real change by providing grant writing classes to support hundreds of improvement projects — large and small.

Benefits to Our Partners

  • Increases public relations and a general feeling of goodwill
  • Strengthens the environmental, social and economic health of communities
  • Potential marketing to reach out to new customers
  • Enjoyment of helping to serve lake and river enthusiasts

Partnership Flyer
Partnership Flyer